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Study Highlights Benefits of Using Local Employee Assistance Program Providers

For almost 40 years, Southwest EAP has been providing employee assistance program services for businesses in Little Rock and Arkansas.  While our clients are convinced of the value of our services, companies that do not currently provide EAP services for their employees often want to quantify the ROI they can expect to realize from offering EAP services.  Though many of them can easily see the theoretical benefits of EAPs, they want to know… View More


Why an EAP May Be the Best Choice for Your Organization

Employee Assistance Programs include a variety of employee wellness strategies. EAP programs often include counseling, training, advice and policies designed to support employees and develop a successful work-life balance. They offer help to resolve challenges that impact work, though the problems don't have to be caused by workplace issues. As employers seek innovative ways to recruit and retain employees, an increasing number are… View More