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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) – The What, Why and How

When personal problems spill over into the workplace, they can cause undue stress, lower productivity, and create uncomfortable working conditions. Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are confidential and short-term counseling services that can help employees facing personal or professional challenges… View More


Multiple Generation Workplace Management

Human resource executives and managers face a myriad of challenges when it comes to the management of multiple generations in the workplace. A typical large organization with several employees is likely to have at least five distinct generations working under the same team in different departments. Each generation has… View More


What It Means to Keep Employees Engaged

If you’re in management, you know how important employee engagement is. Without it, your company won’t be as successful as it should be. But how can you get employees to be more productive when you aren’t in the position to hand out raises? Read on to find ways you can motivate employees and keep them engaged without breaking your bank account.What Is an Engaged Employee?According to… View More


Study Highlights Benefits of Using Local Employee Assistance Program Providers

For almost 40 years, Southwest EAP has been providing employee assistance program services for businesses in Little Rock and Arkansas.  While our clients are convinced of the value of our services, companies that do not currently provide EAP services for their employees often want to quantify the ROI they can expect to realize from offering EAP services.  Though many of them can easily see the theoretical benefits of EAPs, they want to know… View More