Employee Assistance Program
Southwest EAP provides programs and services designed to both assist employees and support the productivity and profitablility of employers. Our Employee Assistance Program uses a comprehensive approach to accomplish these goals.
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Behavioral Risk Management
For over 30 years, Southwest EAP has helped companies control workplace risk and loss through its expert Behavioral Risk Management Solutions. Inapporpriate workplace behavior cost employers millions in lost productivitiy, damages and legal expenses.
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Training & Development
Our expertise in human dynamics is ideally suited to provide a full range of your company's Training & Organizational Development needs, from a simple training session to strategic planning for the company's future.
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We have been earning the confidence and trust of organizations and individuals like you since 1978. We provide customized Employee Assistance Programs, Behavioral Risk Management and Training and Organizational Development that promotes the health and well-being of the employees and organizations we serve. 

Our services have been demonstrated to increase workplace morale and productivity all while decreasing employee stress, turnover, absenteeism, insurance premiums, risk and liability. It is our proactive approach and commitment to active partnership that is the cornerstone of our success.

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